Doppelgänger Dinners from Edible Geography

I loved this article that featured a unique opportunity for meat eaters and vegetarians to dine together and both feel satisfied with their food. From the article:

And, although the meat-eaters ate meat, and the non-meat-eaters didn’t, the vegetarian dishes were interchangeable with their meat all the way from tartare to marrow on toast.

What’s more, the vegetarians didn’t have to make do with substitutes - Quorn, Tofurkey, Texturised Vegetable Protein, and the like.

I think often when meat-eaters think of vegetarian options, they think of salad or uninspired side-dishes, lackluster and unoriginal. For some people, having the opportunity to eat in a restaurant and see delectable vegetarian dishes that looked basically the same as their meat counterparts must have been a real eye opener. (Plus, I have to say that I prefer potatoes to marrow and noodles to shrimp puree any day!)

I am reminded of a cookbook I love called Veganomicon. Obviously the dishes are all vegan, but it is a great book regardless of your eating preference because it uses vegetables in new an interesting ways so they become much more appealing than, say, steamed broccoli. I think people would be a lot healthier in this country if they had exciting meal ideas when it came to vegetable preparation. Both this cookbook and this meal experience aid in this endeavor.