Etsy Shop: Selflesh

This seller selflesh does a really good job at branding just by her choice of name and having a really distinctive style of work. When I first came across her, I made a mental note - something like: “You know, she makes maps with pins and yarn - and she’s from Maine, like me.” Then, once I found out that she has an artist moniker it became really easy to reference this in discussions about the work and conveniently when you search for her work she’s done a really good job at collecting and establishing presences across a wide range of sites like buying her URL and then having a presence on blogger, flickr, facebook, twitter, etc. You see the name, you click it and as soon as you see a map or some yarn you know you’ve come to the right place.

I’m sure she’s a real person with real friends and family that she interacts with without the need of the map and yarn lens - so she probably exists minimally and to her liking when she’s doing personal things on the web.

Posted by: Fred Truman