I wonder if the consolidation of two Facebook pages which seem to serve two separate purposes is really the best plan of action here. I think that having a page on Facebook that is a semi-professional gateway to the organization itself is a valuable kind of online presence that should not be mixed with community discussion. Perhaps coming up with another community forum that is more accessible is the way to go here. You mentioned that the Facebook page with discussion is closed and now hidden deep within the Facebook infrastructure. Why not move that discussion to a forum on their site that can be showcased somehow, or perhaps to a different tool… such as commenting/posting on an open tumblr, like we do for our class.

Also, you mentioned at the end of your video that the organization was limited by funds, and I like that all your solutions were simple and inexpensive to implement. It is clear you had a strong sense of the community and paid particular attention to their needs as well as what would be financially attainable. 


Another attempt at uploading. Fingers crossed.

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