I don’t go to etsy that much - mainly because I’m going to want too many things I can’t afford. I know someone who has a store on there, so decided to look at hers. 

barelymeasured offers handbags, aprons… all sorts of stuffs. nice designs made from colorful materials. I even considered getting something.

some thoughts:

  • there weren’t that many items, so either she was starting to build her stock of items, or she kept only some up on the store - a smart marketing move?
  • her story on the profile page  was nice… a simple story that made me want to at least take another look at her products =)
  • it was hard to spot, but on the main page, there’s a banner which announces a Fall giveaway - and has a link to her blog (this should be easier to access, by the way!)
  • the blog is really nice! she talks about her craft, and the care she puts into her products, her process, and her journey. this is where she connects with her community. I do wish that the blog was more apparent on the etsy page though.